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Getting to Know E&A Dwellings

Effortless organization, authentic design.


Collaborative, Personalized, & Budget Savvy

Our mission at E&A Dwellings is to create and enhance spaces for individuals and families that are reflective of their lifestyles and personalities. Organization and design go hand-in-hand. Our approach is highly collaborative; We work with our clients to create a shared vision of their space. We are highly cognizant of the importance of budgets for our clients, and we put substantial effort into sourcing the best value products. 

Meet Rachelle & Farrah

We understand chaos, mess, and destroyed furniture. (Between us we are mothers to 5 human kiddoes and 3 fur babies!) Our sanity depends on our simple and efficient organization systems, color-coded calendars, labeled-everythings, and the occasional decorative splurge. After successful decades-long professional careers, we've combined our passion for organization, great design, and decor to create E&A Dwellings.

Organizing comes naturally to us--almost to the point of obsession. But we know it's not intuitive for many (including some in our own families; ahem, hello loveable hubbies!). We are bargain-hunters at heart. And as mothers, we know that budgets are crucial. On every project, we strive to create streamlined, functional spaces that are beautiful reflections of our clients' authentic selves.

As small business owners, we are grateful for the trust our clients have put in us. Projects large and small are equally gratifying and important to us.

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